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Kopernio downloading wrong item

In Progress Andrew Y. Comments: 7 Reply 4 days ago by 3 v.
1 vote

Kopernio button not appearing on screen

In Progress Lara S. Comments: 5 Reply 4 days ago by Arrington M.
1 vote

Feedback utility

Not a Problem Geoff T. Comments: 4 Reply 4 days ago by Star J.
1 vote

Accessing wrong paper

Solved Emily M. Comments: 7 Reply 7 days ago by Evelynn
1 vote

Very patchy and unreliable performance.

Known Guest Comments: 2 Reply 7 days ago by alexseen
1 vote

Invalid PDF structure of Radiology

Solved Yoshika T. Comments: 3 Reply 9 days ago by Cris P.
1 vote
2 votes

Not working in pubmed or publisher website

Solved Nikos K. Comments: 9 Reply 14 days ago by Run 3.
1 vote

Aust J Gen Pract Articles do not link to Click

Not a Problem Albert E. Comments: 3 Reply 15 days ago by xoxolem
1 vote

Wrong paper

Known Carlos G. Comments: 5 Reply 15 days ago by heyduggeek
3 votes
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