EBSCO LinkSource (how to login?)

Chanseok Park shared this problem 3 years ago

Dear whom it may concern,

I use EndNote9 and Kopernio seems best for it.

When I search for articles in Google Scholar (because my university--Korea University in South Korea--library pages do not show the Kopernio button) and select one article then the Kopernio button show up.

If I click it the page is redirected to my library page which either tells me I'm already logged in or I need to log in, in the latter case I could log in.

However, in either case I'm redirected to EBSCO LinkSource sign in page where I cannot sign in with any credentials I know including Kopernio, EBSCO host, my library ID/PW.

So please could you let me know how to sign in EBSCO LinkSource?

Thank you,

Chanseok Park

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I attach a screenshot for the above problem.



If I click URL in EndNote's reference then my university library website opens and I can download the PDF.



But If I search for Google Scholar and select the article and click the Kopernio button, then the resulting message is like "PDF not found" or "unable to determine reference"



My university library answered me and I set up library link in Google Scholar to include my university library but in vain...



Dear Chanseok,

Thank you for taking the time to report this.

The article is available through an aggregate provider (Ebsco) rather than directly from the publisher

Therefore, Kopernio defaults back to the "check library holdings" button (the grey button with the library icon on it).

I updated the link we had on record for your library's holdings. It is still going to be Ebso, but it should be easier to sign in via your institution's credentials (not your Kopernio credentials).

Please feel free to email us at help@kopernio.com if you need further assistance or if you have any questions.

Best wishes,


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