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Emily Myhill shared this problem 2 years ago

Kopernio linked me to a paper on tumour mechanisms rather than the one I was looking for on psychological stress and disease.

What I'm looking for: Cohen, S., Janicki-Deverts, D., and Miller, G.E.(2007). Psychological stress and disease. JAMA 298, 1685–1687.doi:10.1001/jama.298.14.1685

What Kopernio opened in PDF: Antoni, MH et al. (2006). The influence of bio-behavioural factors on tumour biology: pathways and mechanisms. Nat Rev Cancer. 2006 March ; 6(3): 240–248. doi:10.1038/nrc1820.

It would be great to have a button to flag up incorrect links if possible. Thank you!

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Hi Emily,

Thanks for reporting this.

This is caused by a known issue, and our engineering team is working on a fix.

If you encounter this issue again, please do share any DOIs (of the papers you want to access) in this thread.

Thank you,



Hi Emily,

Thanks for bearing with us. The plugin update (version1.0.4) with this fix is now live both in Chrome and Firefox (you might need to update manually if auto-update is disabled).

Please note, you will need to remove the incorrect PDF from your Locker before you can add the correct article.

If the plugin still indicates the paper being in your Locker, please update your user data by simply clicking the purple EN button next to your address bar & start a new browser session.


I am having the same issue

Looking for this paper

But it opens this paper

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