Wikipedia and Chrome Window issue

Jack shared this problem 4 years ago

Whenever I open Wikipedia, multiple new windows of the same Wikipedia page open up.

Kopernio then has this message "Don't see the library login window? We can help you to relaunch it"

- Only when I close this message box on the original tab, do the windows stop regenerating and popping up.

Quite frustrating and I was wondering if anyone had a resolution? Thank you

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Same problem. On my machine (Win10, latest update) the cascade of new Wikipedia windows is so fast it fills my screen before I can close the original Kopernio message box. Only way to stop it is to exit Chrome. Loving the new Kopernio update but this is rendering Wikipedia unusable.


Thank you both for reporting this. The engineering team is currently looking into this issue, and I will update this thread as soon as a fix is out.

Could you please try temporarily updating Kopernio's site access? We've published an FAQ on how to do this in your browser:

Let me know if you have any questions.

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