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Itamar Evenzohar shared this problem 4 years ago
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[1] There is no features for handling a group of files in the locker (deleting, moving, etc.)

This is annoying because you have to handle files one by one.

[2] Texts that are attached to an EndNote database carry unidentifiable names. I then have to download the text, rename them, and attach them manually.

I appreciate the useful feature of automatic attachment, but the cryptic filenames make this almost useless and causes me extra work.

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Hi Itamar,

Thanks for raising these issues.

1) You can manually save/delete files from the newly updated PDF viewer. See the following FAQ for more details:

We have no immediate plans to introduce batch selection in the Locker, but this is something that the product team has on their radar.

2) I can't reproduce this error, my PDFs and RIS files follow this formatting: author surname-year-title.pdf

Could you please share and example DOI/title so that I can reproduce this on my end and investigate it further?

Many thanks,


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