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Laura Fochtmann shared this problem 5 years ago

I do extensive searches using PubMed. I've had to uninstall Kopernio on my home computer where I do most searching because it doesn't always connect to the library from home but also because it was causing problems with my PubMed searches (whole searches would be lost). PubMed help told me to turn off any add-ons and Kopernio was only one of 2 that I'd been using. Since turning it off, I've had no problems there.

At work, I've left Kopernio turned on for the time being. However, the fact that it automatically looks for papers (rather than only when I request them) means that the numbers in my searches are not sequential. It will go from line #1 to line #311 for example rather than from line #1 to line #2. Depending on how you navigate (going from the search to the clipboard and back) prior search lines continue to be lost.

This makes me reluctant to refer other users to Kopernio....

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Dear Laura,

Could you explain what steps we need to take to reproduce the non-sequential searches?

What would be very helpful is knowing which URL you are on when you take a particular action, e.g. search, etc. We'd be happy to investigate once we have this information. Are you signed in to PubMed?

Many thanks for your help,


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