PDF access too slow

Ben shared this problem 22 months ago

PDF access is too slow

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We've just rolled out two major improvements that should speed up the time it takes you to get your PDF.

  1. When you visit an article page Kopernio will now start searching for PDFs sooner, so the green PDF button will appear sooner too
  2. When you click on the [PDF] button, Kopernio will start loading your PDFs as early as possible so that it has a head start downloading the PDF from the publisher or repository when displaying the PDF

We're working on more improvements that will make Kopernio even more zippy in future. Keep you posted :)


Yes, I am also facing this problem. PDF is not working fast and it takes too much time for the opening. How will this be fixed? I have faced the exact issue with my gmail it also takes too much time to open the PDF then I contact gmail customer support they told me that this is happening due to the old version of the application.


Dear Bean,

From your comment it sounds like this might not be a Kopernio-specific problem. It could be any of a number of things including1) Out of date browser

2) Slow/unreliable internet connection

3) Interference from other applications.

I don't know which browser you usually use, but have you considered switching to a fresh install the latest Chrome/Firefox and seeing if the problem persists.