liru shared this problem 4 years ago
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every time I open pubmed, I have to login manually.it is very annoying. Why can't I log in automatically as before?f8ba775956af3a9d57f34799217ca4d32b77ee8c7dd2f49848d950c82bf31a30

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Dear Liru,

Thank you for taking the time to report this.

Based on the second screenshot it looks like there is some sort of time out error which prevents Kopernio from confirming that you are logged in. Does this only happen when you use the quick-search tool (the Kopernio search bar)? Do you navigate to PubMed in a new browser tab?

Many thanks in advance,



tenia el mismo problema, se arregla cambiando la contraseña, luego aparece la ventana de crear nueva cuenta (con el mismo correo electrónico y si gustas la misma clave), luego esperas que llegue el mensaje al buzón de entrada y se activa la cuenta con en el enlace. Eso me funcionó.

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