kopernio keeps asking for login when I am off campus

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when I am off campus and I am on a webpage where a pdf can be added to the locker, kopernio asks to login. After I login with my institute credentials, nothing happens. I don't see the paper in my locker, and the login window remains active. There's a small red "1" next to the kopernio icon in the firefox toolbar.


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Thank you for letting us know of this issue. There has been a problem with some universities having to reauthenticate with Kopernio. Please, can you let us know which institution you are registered with? Once we have that information we will be better able to check if this is the situation with your institution.

We have also posted a brief article on the FAQ page entitled "Why do I have to reauthenticate with Kopernio?"



May I also add that we welcome our users to contact us with any details via our help desk at help@kopernio.com.

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