Kopernio incompatible with google scholar terms of service

Melisa Medina shared this problem 4 years ago

I've been using kopernio for a while without any issues. Today I got a message from google scholar indicating that kopernio is not compatible with the current terms of service. Is this something new? I mean, I used the extension less than 24h hours ago without any problems with google. Is anyone experiencing the same? Or have any idea on how to resolve this? -Thanks.


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Hi Melisa,

Thank you for raising this issue.

We released a plugin update (version 0.6.2) which disables Kopernio on Google Scholar. Your plugin will automatically update in the next few hours.

Once updated, you will be able to do a literature search via Google Scholar without having to uninstall the plugin.

Kopernio will no longer show for these search results, but it will continue to function as normal on all other platforms.

We hope to be able to resolve this issue shortly, but in the meantime thank you for your patience.




I've been using Kopernico for a while, with no problems, and have just run into the same issue on 0.9.4.

Disabling the extension for the Google Scholar page doesn't work. I have to completely disable the extension in order to be able to access Scholar.

Any chance of a fix?




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