IEEEXplore access through institution login does not work

Pol del Aguila Pla shared this problem 3 years ago
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When starting a new browser session, the first time I access IEEEXplore trigers a log-in subwindow. After logging in, the abstract / paper website is shown in the log-in subwindow, while the main window does not update. None of them allow me to add the PDF to my locker. After that first time, any IEEEXplore visit trigers a subwindow stating an error.

If I manually log in into IEEEXplore with Shibboleth for my institution, Kopernio still does not notice, and I can open the PDF, but not put it in my locker.

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Hello Pol,

Thank you for letting us know.

I couldn't reproduce this issue on my end just now. Could you please confirm which browser and version of Kopernio do you use?

You can find the Kopernio version number in the top right corner of your account settings page:

Would you be able to share an example article? (This is one of the articles I tested in Chrome and Firefox:

Best wishes,



Hi Pol,

Thanks for confirming this. I just tried to reproduce the error in Brave, but I couldn't.

Would you be able to paste the error message / share a screenshot of the error you see after submitting your credentials?

Can you please check if your Kopernio version is 0.11.05?

Please email us at or post it here in the comment section.

Many thanks in advance,


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