EndNote loses PDFs imported via Kopernio

Daria Bontch-Osmolovskaia shared this problem 3 years ago


I've been using Kopernio to import citations & PDFs into EndNote, and the citation import works fine. The PDF is downloaded too, into the folder in my downloads, and gets attached automatically - which is excellent! Really like that function.

But then, a few minutes later, especially if I download another citation, the PDF of the first one just... un-attaches itself. Within EndNote.

Which sucks, because one has to go hunting for it through the cryptic filenames in the folder.

Any ideas of what's going on / how can this be fixed? It's a wonderful functionality, but this flaw kills it.

Thank you!


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I am a similar but different problem. I often have to import the citation twice for the paper to be attached as well.

This flaw also really reduces the advantage of using this system, in terms of the time it saves, which is such a pity as its amazing when it does work.

Anyway i could fix this?




Hi Julia

Sorry to hear you're having issues with reference export.

Can you please share more details about the issue?

Please also share the followings:

- your EndNote version number

- an example article

- your browser's version number

If you prefer to email these details, this is our technical support email account: help@click.endnote.com

Thank you,



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