Bookmarking a PDF article inconsistency

Phong Chanh To shared this problem 3 years ago

I am currently doing a literature review that requires me to analyse numerous sources for information. Most of the time when I bookmark a kopernio PDF of my desire article and re-opening the bookmarked article works fine. But recently, after bookmarking a PDF article, when I try to access it again there is a message saying the the PDF unbale to be accessed. Despite the fact that i just bookmarked a working link prior. I am then unable to find lost PDF.

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Dear Phong,

Thank you for taking the time to report this.

Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the error on my end.

Can you please share some additional information?

- Which browser do you use?

- Can you find the PDF in your "History"? (A link on the left-hand-side in your Locker, previously called Archive)

- Do you have PDF auto-save enabled?

- Can you share an example title/DOI?

You can share these details here in a comment or in an email to



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