Kopernio has not worked for days, under maintenance

perg shared this problem 3 years ago

Kopernio has not work for days, it says under maintenance. Removing and then uninstalling the plugin on Chrome does not solve the problem.


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Thank you for taking the time to report this.

Please enable Developer Mode and Error Logging so we can further investigate this.

(1) Please go to your browser extensions menu by pasting this in your address bar chrome://extensions

or click through Menu > More Tools > Extensions

(2) In the top right corner, click to enable Developer Mode:

(3) In the list of your extensions, find Kopernio and click "Details"

(4) Please scroll down to the bottom of the Details page and enable "Collect Errors"

If you go back to the extension list menu page, you will now see a red "Errors" button on Kopernio:

(5) Clicking this will take to you to the error log page.

(6) Please now click the Kopernio icon next to your address bar as if you were initiating a search in order to bring up the maintenance error (you might need to click it a few times until you see an error logged).

Please email us at help@kopernio.com with the error message as well as your Chrome version number.

Many thanks,


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