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Stuart Demmer shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Hey there

Something that might be interesting to look into is adding a preferences option for automatically naming .pdf's at the download .pdf point. Currently the default is author-year-first few words of title.pdf

I know some people prefer different formats or field combinations such as author and journal and year, or author and title. Maybe having a small section in the settings area where users could drag and drop commonly used fields such as author, year, journal, title, DOI and arrange them according to their preferred style to match their cataloging preferences could be something to explore? Another thing to add would be the interword characters - to have " ", "-", or "_" options available.

Thanks for the great work!

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I like this idea very much.

I store papers with Author_Year_Journal-Abbreviation_Volume_page_tag.pdf .

Then I can go straight to the paper when I'm reviewing or reminding myself of something.

Even just removing the first few words to title is useful because

it uses a lot of space, and first few words are usually useless.

User-defined Journal abbreviation is also important to reduce space.

But I think Kopernio is a great thing, saves me a lot of time - THANK YOU!

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