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Nathan Bunyan shared this idea 3 years ago
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It would be really handy if the paper info came up on the top bar to the right of the Kopernio logo. Also if the title of the tab could say the author and not the title, as often this is how academia identifies and navigates between papers moreso than titles. I often find myself picking through my tabs as I am looking for (e.g.) Jones et al. (2001) and can't remember the first few words of the title, at the moment I have to manually open each tab and press the menu button to see the title.

As an aside, when downloading papers I always use Kopernio as it usually enters author, date and title (partially) for me. I keep an extensive library on my PC and this saves me a lot of time typing titles. Since the last update this has not always been happening and is sometimes just giving the PDF doc title (which is often a string of numbers), please fix this!

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Hi Nathan,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.

Regarding the erroneous export - could you please share the DOI/title of an example article? I'll try to reproduce it to see what goes wrong.



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