How can I increase my Kopernio Locker storage space?

Kevin-Pan shared this idea 5 years ago

Dear Designer?First of all, thank you for your excellent service, I think it is very helpful to me. You may know that I need more storage space to store files that are useful to me, so I kindly ask you to increase my file storage space. Of course, I have shared the links to the teachers, classmates and colleagues around you. family. I will continue to follow and use your platform. Thank you for your consideration! (If I don't express it properly, please don't mind)

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Dear Kevin-Pan,

We are currently giving away Kopernio Premium which comes with 2GB of cloud storage space to users that invite a friend or colleague to Kopernio. This should be enough for all your article storage needs.

To get your free upgrade just share your personalised Kopernio link (you can find this at with a friend or colleague. When they sign up you will automatically be credited with your upgrade.




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