enable toggling Kopernio on and off

John Reynolds shared this question 4 years ago

- it slows load time in PubMed and elsewhere when pdfs aren't needed, so disabling when not needed would be helpful

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Hi John,

Thanks for your feedback.

You can control your extensions within your browser settings.In Chrome, go to Menu > More Tools > Extensions > Kopernio > Details > Site permissions.

Or a short-cut: type chrome://extensions in your address bar and click the blue toggle to disable Kopernio.

In Firefox, go to Menu > Add-ons > Kopernio to disable it.

We'd like to investigate why Kopernio slows down the loading time of search results as this is not the expected behaviour.

Please email us at help@kopernio.com with a few extra details (your browser, plugin version number), and we will try to reproduce and solve this issue.

Many thanks,


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