Did not find alternative pdf - still room for improvement or error on my end?

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Encountered a specific case where Kopernio did not find an alternative pdf of an article that is behind a paywall whereas a Google search on the manuscript's title gives the pdf as the 3rd search result. It concerns "Pollination syndromes and floral specialization" (Fenster et al. 2004). Is this a cofiguration error on my end or is it possible Kopernio could not find the pdf (definitely a pre-print version).

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I'm having some problems reproducing this issue. What happens when you try visit this link?


Do you see the Kopernio bar like in the screenshot below?





I do not get the Kopernio bar after clicking the link (on a smartphone).


Hello Ben,

That was indeed the official link I used the first time. What happened before was that Kopernio was looking for the pdf, didn't seem to find it, and then the Kopernio bar disappeared. If I open that page now, however, it works flawlessly, circumventing the paywall and getting the pdf from researchgate.

Odd that it didn't to that three days ago. Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks Jan, I'm glad Kopernio is now working as expected. Often we are the "PDF middle man" and can be at the mercy of our data sources. When third-party servers don't respond in time, Kopernio will show a PDF not found message, rather than risking a false positive followed by disappointment when no PDF is available down the line. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you come across any other issues in future.

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