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Steen Harsted shared this question 5 years ago

Maybe I am misunderstanding this product, but my impression is that I am suppose to be able to save PDF documents from the web.

Why does the following not work/what am I doing wrong/misunderstanding

1. I open this link in my browser (Chrome).

2. I hover over the "Kopernio" icon - it says "Kopernio has acces to this site"

3. I look everywhere for the ViewPDF button - No luck

4. I click on the "Kopernio" icon and repeat 3 - still no luck

What am I missing?

Best regards

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Dear Steen,

Thanks for reaching out.

That is correct, Kopernio finds and saves PDFs for your Locker, although it works slightly differently than the above steps.

The plugin simplifies access to journal articles including both subscription journals and open access articles. Here’s a link to our Help centre with a brief how-to guide to Kopernio which you might find helpful:

The Kopernio icon next to your browser’s address bar works as a quick-search tool for Google Scholar.

Kopernio has access to websites so it can look for information specific to academic platforms. In this case, the plugin doesn’t activate on the Environmental Protection Agency's platform, and it won’t be able to find this article. Hope this helps but please feel free to get in touch at

Virag - Kopernio Team

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