How can I make the filenames of PDFs imported into EndNote more descriptive?

Kevin Ong shared this question 5 years ago

Long time user of endnote. Current method of import is to download the citation and the pdf separately. Drag and drop the citation file into EN9 which would generate the record, and then dropping the pdf - which would generate a filename with (yr-auth-title) [eg. 2018-Kapos-Plant NLRs_ From discovery to appli.pdf]

Just started trying out Kopernio. Like that it is one click to do both citation and pdf. But when import the citation, the pdf is also imported, but retain the download name (eg. b27fa986-01e3-40e2-9924-42b6e497b039.pdf). Is there a way or setting to be able to have the pdf be renamed descriptive as noted in prior practice?

If not, can this be elevated to an idea request.


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Hi Kevin,

I am happy to share that the naming convention for downloaded PDFs has been changed recently to a more informative style:


Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any questions,

Virag - Kopernio Team


I had a comment but its been addressed. Please feel free to remove this (my) comment.

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