Be able to login to library credentials without waiting to be asked to login

Madeline Page shared this idea 3 years ago

So this is a problem/idea. I am trying to access journal articles off-campus, and I think I might have given my university credentials once, but when on settings, it says that I don't have credentials stored. When I go to an article page however, I am not being asked to give my credentials.

So the idea portion of this would be to try and find a way to allow us to login on the settings page so we don't have to wait to be asked.

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Hi Madeline,

Thanks for taking the time to report this. This issue might be caused by a broken integration between Kopernio and your library.

Can you please share the name of your institution? You can email us at or leave it in a comment here.

The institutional verification will always be done through your library. Kopernio can help you get there quicker, but it can't be a built-in part of the account settings page.


Brigham Young University

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