Please disable Kopernio on localhost or

Edwin Stang shared this problem 2 years ago

It interferes with web development (e.g. doing a page refresh per link on the webpage when working with apache wicket).

Or at least add an option to setup "blacklisted websites or urls" where the plugin should be disabled.

Currently I have to manually disable the plugin each time I test a web application locally.

You can reproduce with current Firefox which has EndNote Click installed. Then launch this spring-boot app:

Then open localhost:8080

Then navigate the website and notice the screen flickering and url to increment the version number a lot (internally wicket throws StalePageExceptions due to interference of Kopernio).

Accessing the website via a non localhost URL, it works fine:

So I guess you have some testing code active in the published firefox plugin that causes these issues?

I also checked the http request headers that kopernio sends, though sadly I can not find any different agent or any other request headers that differentiate kopernio from normal browser requests. So I am unable to implement a workaround on the server side sadly...

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