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Ranul shared this question 3 years ago
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Add web import function like mendeley chrome plugin to add web page imports to library rather than old javascript bookmark which doesn't work on some sites.

It'll be helpful if this could be done

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Hi Ranul

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.

Please note, EndNote Click and the EndNote Reference Capture bookmarklet are two different tools.

EndNote Click (Formerly Kopernio) is a PDF broker tool rather than a reference importer. The primary feature of the plugin is to bypass paywalls and search open-access databases to serve you a PDF version of a research paper.

However, you can export the PDF along with the reference to your reference library in EndNote Desktop or EndNote Online.

You can do that either from the extension's smart drop-down feature:

or from the EndNote Click PDF Viewer:

These links take you to two step-by-step guides to these features in our help centre.

Let me know if you have any questions.



I am here, 12 months later! I just purchased EndNote20 and am disappointed because there does not seem to be a generic reference importer like Mendeley Chrome plugin. Many of my desired library items are derived from the grey literature and are not from the professional literature. While I use PubMed frequently, it is not necessarily the only source to use - but it is the only option for EndNote Click. Is there a way to directly capture a reference that is not from PubMed or another database, and download to the library?

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